Trip hazard deemed 'safe' sorted thanks to Evening News

This Unthank Road cable has now been removed by the county council

This Unthank Road cable has now been removed from the pavement by the county council - Credit: Archant

A cable stretching across a busy pavement left pedestrians worried someone might come a cropper - but the Evening News has SORTED IT!  

The traffic survey cable was running across the Unthank Road pavement near the junction with Mount Pleasant. 

A "foot-shaped loop" in the cable caused several pedestrians to stumble as they walked along the pavement according to onlookers.

But - shock, horror - after being contacted by the Evening News the county council leapt into action and removed the dodgy cable late Monday morning.

The cable in Unthank Road which has been reported to the county council 

The cable in Unthank Road which has been reported to the county council - Credit: Contributed

Initially the council had decided the cable was not dangerous. 

A 77-year-old disabled man, who lives in Unthank Road and did not wish to be named, said the cable was not wheelchair friendly. 

"I can see how it would be considered as a trip hazard," he added.

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A pensioner who walks along Unthank Road every day, who also said she did not wish to be named, commented: "I think they need to get something better that makes it obvious it is there. 

"It is a safety hazard and it seems to come loose when people stand on it." 

And a 44-year-old man, who walks along the route "four to five times a week" said he could understand how it could be dangerous for elderly people walking over the cable in the dark. 

Emma Corlett, county councillor for the Town Close division, contacted a highways officer about the issue. 

She said: "I have had a reply from highways already. They are on the case."

Councillor Emma Corlett

Councillor Emma Corlett - Credit: Archant

A report form response from the county council, shared with the Evening News before the cable was removed, stated: "We will continue to monitor the problem.

"We have assessed that the defect does not currently meet our intervention criteria. We will continue to monitor as part of normal scheduled inspections.

"The traffic survey company has been notified." 

A spokeswoman for the county council confirmed on Monday afternoon the tube with the "foot-shaped loop" has now been removed.

The cable was removed from the Unthank Road pavement around noon on Monday 

The cable was removed from the Unthank Road pavement around noon on Monday - Credit: Norfolk County Council

"This was picked up by our highways teams last Thursday so we can confirm that the tubes are no longer there," she said. 

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