Unmythable review: For an exciting night out at the theatre Unmythable lives up to its pun

Unmythable. Photo: Alex Brenner

Unmythable. Photo: Alex Brenner - Credit: Alex Brenner

The night promised an all girl re-telling of the Greek myths, but one Dame found his way into the mix.

It is always a test of an actor when they are asked step into the breach. Paul O'Mahony, Artistic Director of Out of Chaos Theatre Company, had just thirty five minutes to prepare his role when a performer phoned in sick.

To have O'Mahony on stage turned out to be a bit of a treat. He is a superb actor, and there was no trace of hesitancy in his delivery. That is perhaps no surprise, as he was in the play's first outing in 2012. Last time, the show featured an all male cast.

The action opens with two sailors and Jason aboard the Argo. As they head towards the Golden Fleece, they tell tales of daring-do and great heroes. The seas whip up around them, the spray is in their faces.

Scene setting is pretty nifty. Just a few boxes and some sound and lighting effects to help the actors along. But the sparseness only enhances the storytelling. The pace is as swift as a fast running sea.

Out of Chaos's performance style has been described as 'a magic formula' and the blend of serious, theatrical moments with funny and witty dialogue certainly works. From conversations inside the Trojan horse to King Midas at the hairdresser, there are some engaging side-lights on the old myths, too.

Three actors play all the roles. Alice Haig and Hannah Barrie stand centre stage, and their performances raise a cheer. But although they are visually central, the script clings to its all male origins. These women need more of a voice.

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Never mind Jason, what about Medea, Pandora or Hippolyta stepping forward to lead the action? When it comes to the Greek myths, it's always the women rocking the boat. The Argo could provide the perfect metaphor.

But this is top-notch stuff. For an exciting night out at the theatre Unmythable lives up to its pun. More Chaos, please!