“Unbelievable” year for Poringland’s Ronan Parke

It started in January when the then 12-year-old Ronan Parke took a day off school to audition for one of the biggest shows on TV, Britain's Got Talent. Since scooping second place in the programme, he has shot to fame. He was snapped up by Simon Cowell's record label and his debut album, Ronan Parke, was released in October.

His mum Maggie said: 'This year has been different, it has been very exciting for Ronan – he has done so many things and has been living his dream. He has been to Germany to perform on their version of Children in Need. It was a massive weekend for him and it was a nice cause as well. For Ronan, one of the biggest things has been performing at T4 on the beach because it was one of his first gigs. This year has been unbelievable. He keeps saying 'I'm so lucky'.'

Although he has been touring the country and making guest appearances across Europe, the youngster, who attends Framingham Earl High School, found time to return to his roots.

Mrs Parke said: 'Ronan still goes into Norwich all the time. He turned on the lights in The Mall which was exciting but it is still nice that he can live a normal life.

'His school has been amazing and so supportive.'

Mrs Parke said Ronan had received a massive amount of support from his fans. 'He has lovely fans We keep all of his letters and cards from fans and try to respond to as many as we can. We always try to make sure we send a signed picture, but with his school work it is not always easy.

'He does get recognised so much. People are really friendly and he likes it.' She said.

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Ronan, who is now 13, has also enjoyed earning his own money and has bought himself the latest gadgets. For Christmas, his parents have bought him a digital camera. Mrs Parke said: 'He has bought quite a lot of things himself but he really wanted a nice camera so he could capture things and take pictures of his friends.

'He has treated himself – he bought a new laptop and an iPad and he bought me a Mulberry bag after the Britain's Got Talent tour. He is very generous. He has bought a lot of things for his brother and quite a lot of clothes – his favourite shop is still Topman.He has been away quite a bit and he missed home a little bit when he was on tour because he was at a different venue every night.'

Ronan will be going to Scotland for Christmas with his mum, dad Trevor and older brother Declan. They will be spending it with Mrs Parke's best friend, Ruth.

She added: 'We just want to thank people. Without people's support he wouldn't be where he is – it has been amazing. Ronan is grateful for what he has had.

'We want to thank people in Norfolk for their support and wish everyone a merry Christmas.'

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