Picnic chaos as 'untrained' dogs slobber over UEA students' grub

Two dogs disrupted a picnic in the UEA park 

Two dogs disrupted a picnic in the UEA park - Credit: Khadijah Asif

University students were left furious when hungry hounds slobbered over their sandwiches and even nabbed treats from their picnic. 

PHD student Khadijah Asif, 25, and her 27-year-old friend, were setting up a picnic for a group of seven pals at the University of East Anglia park last weekend. 

But what should have been a peaceful occasion turned into chaos after two dogs - who had been let off their leads - slobbered all over their food. 

Miss Asif was dismayed to see the pooches bite through cling film wrapped dishes and sandwiches as well making off with items included condensed milk. 

The pals gave chase after the hounds in a desperate attempt to retrieve some of the food but were unable to catch up.

She said: "There was a lot of food which was enough for seven people but the dogs came over and they were biting into everything they could find.

"It made us feel very angry because as soon as it happened we tried to stop the dogs and say no but they were just not listening. 

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"We asked the owners to put the dogs on leads and that they are not trained.

"But the owners swore at us and were angry at us for being angry at their dogs - but they'd ruined our picnic."

University of East Anglia PHD student Khadijah Asif

University of East Anglia PHD student Khadijah Asif - Credit: Khadijah Asif

The UEA student claimed the dog owners put their middle finger up before "walking off as if nothing happened". 

She also said the owners shouted back that their pets were guide dogs after retrieving the chewed food from their pets and tossing it away. 

Miss Asif believes this was untrue.

She has implored dog owners to keep their pets on their leads in public parks during the summer months if they are going to cause such disruption. 

She continued: "I'm not sure how things work here but I assume generally people don’t like random dogs' saliva all over their sandwiches and then being sworn at multiple times by their owners for telling them not to have their dogs off a lead.

"There was no apology. Nothing.

"It was a beautiful day ruined."