Two brothers running a Norwich business get advice from Lord Sugar

Sam Huetson with Lord Sugar. Photo: Business Empires

Sam Huetson with Lord Sugar. Photo: Business Empires - Credit: Business Empires

Brothers behind a Norwich business were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain advice from Lord Sugar.

Sam and William Huetson, directors of Bearingboys in Rackheath, recently spent an hour with Lord Sugar to discuss the best ways to scale and expand their business further over the coming years.

The meeting took place at a Business Empires event based at London Heathrow Airport's Hilton Hotel on November 9 and 10 where Lord Sugar held a round table event for a few of the attendees.

They said: 'When the opportunity arose we both thought it was too good to pass up, how often do you get to spend time and get some advice from a billionaire? Also being brothers we can tend to disagree from time to time and who better to ask for an independent opinion.

'I've always admired what Lord Sugar has achieved in business and would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about meeting him. He wasn't as scary as he perhaps comes across on The Apprentice.

'He was complimentary of the success we have already had as a company and thought our brand was very strong. We specifically discussed areas we could improve and develop further and after providing Lord Sugar with some industry background he was able to give us his thoughts on the best ways to take the business forward and some key things we could implement almost straight away.

'Lord Sugar is a big believer in organic growth which is something we have always done as company. Bearingboys was the first company to sell Bearings and Power Transmissions online in the UK.'

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Since they started in 2006 they have had over 100,000 customers order through their website, nationwide. Typical industries Bearingboys serve are agricultural, food manufacturing, precision engineering, quarrying and many more.

They now have a team of 12 based in their offices and warehouse in Rackheath, Norwich and are looking for more people to join their team over the coming months to help them grow and expand over the next few years. The company is on track to achieve a turnover of £3m this year but feel they now have the right people and infrastructure to quickly grow that to £10m and beyond over the coming years.