Turnover review: “it was clear the crowd was loving it.”

Turnover in Norwich 09/03/20 Photo: Archant

Turnover in Norwich 09/03/20 Photo: Archant - Credit: Archant

Turnover taking to the stage of The Waterfront Studio brought a distinctly mellowed vibe to the people of Norwich.

Turnover in Norwich 09/03/20 Photo: Archant

Turnover in Norwich 09/03/20 Photo: Archant - Credit: Archant

Turnover began as a typical pop-punk band back in 2015 but uniquely transformed themselves into somewhere between an indie/alternative type band with album Peripheral Vision and Good Nature, these albums ultimately struck a chord causing a brand new wave of fans who have stuck by Turnover ever since.

With local band Hex Friends opening up the show and closely followed by San Francisco band Hot Flash Heat Wave the audience was perfectly composed and ready to watch the band they came to see.

The almost sold-out show had The Waterfront Studio filled with people but after the support acts the atmosphere of the venue felt almost calm and chilled, perfect for a Sunday night.

The crowd erupted with applause when Turnover took to the stage and everyone shuffled forward to get the best view in the small venue. Opening with 'Still In Motion' and 'Much After Feeling' coincidentally the first and second songs from their new album 'Altogether.' The songs gradually become more upbeat and the crowd were swaying as they were absorbed by the music.

Turnover performed a mix of all of their albums, which the audience seemed extremely overjoyed about especially when they played songs from 'Peripheral Vision'. The fans let out a cheer when the band played the first few beats of 'Take My Head' and danced the whole way throughout the song chanting the lyrics back to the band. They also performed songs from their last album 'Good Nature' with its soothing lyrics and atmospheric tones, it was clear the crowd was loving it.

Turnover closed their set with, in my opinion, their top three best songs. These included Dizzy on the Comedown, Super Natural and Humming all from their previous albums and it was clear to see that the fans are more favourable of their past albums over their new album just by the ways the crowd were jumping and cheering along to these three songs. It definitely left the crowd wanting more once the set was over.

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With four more shows in the UK left on their tour, Turnover is definitely a band you need to see.