‘No restaurant in Rome has chicken nuggets’ – Norwich restaurant owner blasts TripAdvisor critic

Trattoria Rustica Italian restaurant in Princes Street in Norwich. Photo: Bill Smith

Trattoria Rustica Italian restaurant in Princes Street in Norwich. Photo: Bill Smith - Credit: Archant

An Italian restaurant owner in the city has dished out priceless comebacks to negative reviews, telling one customer to 'go to Specsavers.'

Trattoria Rustica, located in Princes Street, enjoys a four star ranking from 577 reviews on the site and is well regarded for its traditional pizzas and pastas.

Despite it's popularity, the owner doesn't take kindly to diners who insult the family-run business.

When one customer submitted a review calling the restaurant 'tatty and muddled' and lacking authenticity, it didn't go down well.

The reviewer wrote: 'Unsure of it's identity - the long menu aspires to decent Italian food (which it doesn't always achieve), but the décor is tatty and muddled - too much clutter to be anything like stylish Italy!

'Expensive for what we got.

'We expected a family-run business, but the overworked staff are not Italian.

Chicken tagliatelle in creamy tomato sauce. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Chicken tagliatelle in creamy tomato sauce. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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'They coped well enough, but there didn't appear to be anyone in charge.'

But the profile listed as the owner of the Trattoria Rustica was not having any of it.

'Trattoria Rustica is a grade 2* listed Tudor building, highly prised by our customers for its food, atmosphere and authenticity, if one calls that tatty one must go to SPECSAVERS.

READ MORE: Norfolk bistro named best local restaurant in UK'I'm the head chef and owner of Trattoria Rustica from the land of taste and romance established since 1995.

'This review is discriminatory and inaccurate, my daughter who was serving that evening is a 100% ITALIAN, sorry if her English is not PERFECT, I can assure you that she is not overworked.

'Please let me know if we need to show our Italian ID every time a customer comes in.'

Pepperoni pizza. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Pepperoni pizza. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Another reviewer from the city also posted on TripAdvisor with a two-star review under the header 'good authentic food, obnoxious service.'

The posting began on a positive note with the diner praising the taste of the food and selection on offer.

'I grew up in Rome so was really excited to try this place and I have to say that the food did remind me of home, menu was quite varied, and the food was great.'

However, the review went downhill from there and criticised the service and claimed there was a lack of choice for children.

'Sadly it was let down by the service experience.

'No kids menu, and we were eating with someone who couldn't eat wheat (not ideal when most of the mains are pasta/pizza).

'We attempted to order a collection of antipasti and contorni for them instead... patate fritte, broccoli, carciofi, and other vegetable dishes so they would have stuff they could eat.

READ MORE: The best and worst McDonald's in Norfolk according to TripAdvisor'On ordering, we were told each person had to order a main.

'On enquiring why, I was hit with a barrage of contradicting reasons... on one hand it's 'company policy', but it was also mentioned that they are a family business and need to make sure customers were spending enough.'

Again, the owner of the restaurant wasn't happy with the negative feedback.

'We strive to make every guest happy who dines with us,

'All our risottos, fish, meat, lasagne and some pasta dishes can be made gluten free.

'We are very busy except when the World Cup is on sorry for the way it has been perceived.

'I'm afraid no small family Restaurant can survive on four people sharing one main course.

'We can assure you no restaurant in Rome has a child menu or chicken nuggets.

'Our dishes are inspired by a healthy Mediterranean Diet and can be made as a child portion and most of them gluten and allergen free.'