Tributes to Ronnie Brooks

I was physical education teacher at the Hewett School in Norwich when Ronnie was chairman of the governors there.He was largely responsible for promoting all the sports that occurred at the Hewett School during those years.

From the first day I met Ronnie he couldn't have been more welcoming to me. He became a great friend as well as a great step father in law. He was Norwich's version of Uncle Albert as he always had a story to tell about his life but with Ronnie, people wanted to listen. He was truly proud of Norwich and of all the wonderful and talented people he was fortunate enough to meet and be able to call his friends. He can now look down on us all and feel justifiably proud of all that he has achieved and all the lives that he has touched in a positive way. He has gone now but will never be forgotten.

You have a good rest now my friend. You've earned it!

Mark Springall

My husband Albert and him worked together at the electricity board and they were the greatest of friends.

I found him to be sociable and very, very kind. My husband passed away and I always used to be able to ring him up if I needed any advice.

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It's very sad when you see a lovely man like him taken before his time.

June Farrow, Bawburgh.

t I worked with Ronnie for the electricity board. He was a smashing chap. He helped anybody. He helped me a lot as I suffered with a heart attack.

In my opinion there's no one better than Ronnie. He was obliging to everybody and did a tremendous job at the lads' club.

George Bullock, Bullace Road, Norwich.

t We used to go down the lads' club and Ronnie helped us to start up our roller hockey club.

Two years ago we celebrated our 25th anniversary and we are now one of the biggest clubs in the country.

Even when we started the goal posts cost �700 and that was a lot of money. Ronnie raised the money for us and helped us to buy the equipment. We have still got those goals and we owe our success to the start that Ronnie helped to give us.

Tim Nelson, of Norwich City Roller Hockey Club.

t I was living in Harrogate when the youth team got through to the final of the youth cup and the second leg was at Everton.

I told Ronnie I was stuck up in Harrogate and asked him what he could do for me for the replay. He told me to get the ground and ask for him at the visitors' entrance. He got us in to the directors' area and we saw them win the cup.

That was typical of Ronnie. If you told him you had a problem he's do his best to sort it out for you. He was a great fellow.

Vic Hopes, Eaton.

t I was physical education teacher at the Hewett School in Norwich when Ronnie was chairman of the governors there.

He was largely responsible for promoting all the sports that occurred at the Hewett School during those years.

He was an inspiration, to be honest, not just to my generation but to the hundreds of kids he provided facilities for.

Ronnie was for the people.

Graham Wren.

t R I P Ronnie, you made the lads club a place to be proud of, and made the not so young lads now proud of them selves at the time, you take care up there. Allan Turner.

t Ronnie

So sad to hear of you leaving us yesterday you will be always remembered for all the hard work you put into the lads clubs, I loved every minute of my boxing days there for the club in the eighties with all the lads. ok ronnie u rest in peace my friend, from Daren Goddard.

t He helped in the early days when I started fighting and was at the lads club.

Ronnie was always helping people out and helping me out and he was a good bloke.

It didn't matter what sport it was, he would take an interest in it and if he could help you he would.

Former world champion kickboxer Gary Briggs.

t Over 35 years ago Ronnie and I both stood for election when the new Norwich District Council was formed.

Ronnie I would describe as a really good old-fashioned councillor. He was down to earth and always spoke his mind without fear or favour and most importantly he was a really hard worker.

You hear a lot about politicians and their expenses but there were none in those days and we tramped the streets together, talking to hundreds if not thousands of voters and trying to get elected in order to help them.

Ronnie was 'old Labour', a real socialist and the salt of the earth.

Roy Durrant, former Lord Mayor of Norwich and former city and county councillor.

t I have just read the shocking news that Ronnie has passed away. My sympathies go to his family.

I first met Ronnie through Norwich City FC and then again when we were both magistrates on the Norwich Bench.

He was a true gent and had that special quality that made him accepted by people from all walks of life. What I loved about him was his ability to make you feel at ease and he never forgot his roots. He'll certainly be a "hit" in heaven. God Bless You Ronnie.

Daphne Young.

t Ronnie was a truly loved and respected member of our family for many years who always made us very welcome in his home. We were looking forward to spending New Year's Day with Stephanie and Ronnie but sadly this was not to be. Losing a character like Ronnie has left a large space in our family but we know he is still with us in spirit. He was a remarkable and inspirational man.

God Bless Ronnie.

Sandra & Rene. xxxxx

t Although I had heard of Ronnie Brooks through the boxing community I had never actually met him until by chance, I married into the family. I have spent many hours in Ronnie's company and I can honestly say from the heart he was one of the nicest and most genuine blokes I have ever met. He was a real father figure and always full of wisdom and advice. I will never forget his famous saying 'ALLO MY SON' which he said to us boys and these words will live on forever and will never sound the same from anyone else.

God bless you Ronnie....a fighter until the end.....

Andy Sexton.....xxxxxx

t As Chairman of the City of Norwich Freemen's Committee, I have known Ronnie Brooks, who had been a long serving member of that Committee, for many years. He was very proud of being a Freeman of Norwich and was looking forward to attending the 5 Yearly Common Hall of Freemen which is to be held in the City Hall on January 18.

However that is not to be and we shall all very much miss his outspoken but nevertheless always to the point comments as he liked nothing more than to take part in discussions on a variety of subjects.

His death is a very sad loss to the city of Norwich.

Mike Quinton.

t I would like to pass on my wishes to Stephanie and family for the loss of Ronnie. For the short time I new him and yourself many years ago while building your swimming pool you both made me feel very welcome. Will be never forgotten.

Kind regards,

Chris and family.

t We will never forget when we all played darts at the Bull public house in Bull Close all those many years ago,

And remain friends ever since and true credit to Norwich, sadly missed.

Edward Harvey, Marlborough Hotel.

t I first met Ronnie back in 1987, I worked on his swimming pool, Ronnie and his wife Stephanie made us very welcome.

Over the years when I met him he always had time to talk to me,he will be sadly missed, such a great character.

Our thoughts are with his family.

Mr P Hunt.