Travellers encamped at Queens Hills, Costessey to be moved on

A group of Travellers camped on an empty site at the entrance to the Queens Hills estate in Costessey are set to be moved on.

Costessey residents have been calling on the parish council and police to evict the Travellers who moved on to the site earlier this week.

They claim that Travellers only left the site two weeks ago and left it in a mess, which volunteers had to clean up.

Norfolk police have been working in partnership with a number of agencies regarding the unauthorised Travellers' encampment, and a spokesman said: 'The unauthorised encampment, off Sir Alfred Munnings Road, has been served a notice to leave by the land owners and officers have visited the site offering advice and assistance, should any be required.

'It is hoped that the situation will be resolved without the need for further police intervention.'

One concerned Queens Hills resident, who did not want to give his name, said the last encampment of Travellers left the site in a mess two weeks ago, and it was cleared by local volunteers who also dug token trenches in an attempt to stop further intrusion.

He said: 'This is becoming an increasingly frustrating matter to the residents of Queens Hills, whose purchases on what is supposed to be a flagship site are looking poor investments and are decreasing in value due to the situation.'

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Hilary Elias, Costessey parish council clerk, said that as soon as the Travellers moved on site, they made sure relevant authorities were aware of the situation, but as it was private land it was up to the owner, Deloitte, to take the relevant legal steps.

She said: 'The council understands that residents think things are not moving fast enough, but we have done what we can. We have to let the legal process takes its course.'

The Evening News visited the site yesterday, but the Travellers did not wish to comment.

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