Your views: Time for better cycle lanes in Norwich or tougher fines?

The Norwich Evening News told last week how a city councillor has called for greater penalties for cyclists after spending an hour monitoring a notorious Norwich danger-spot.

Julie Brociek-Coulton and others surveyed cycle safety at the one-way stretch off Magdalen Street during the morning rush-hour.

They spotted 18 cyclists using the road illegally – either cycling the wrong way into the direction of traffic or by cycling on the pavement, past pedestrians and shop doors. Mrs Brociek-Coulton said more frequent fines were needed for cyclists, bringing punishments closer to those for drivers who flout the law.

In a poll on our website we asked: Should cyclists who break the law get tougher penalties? You said: Yes- 69%; No 31%. We also asked for your views: here are some of the coments made on

Tom Will: Is anything being done to understand why so many people ride the wrong way on Magdalen Street? I'm not condoning the behaviour but I believe the cyclist is too often picked on around the city centre. It's possible some of those people breaking the law do so because they don't feel safe on alternative, legal routes into city centre.

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Whiley Boy: Bikes should be seized and destroyed for repeat offenders and on the spot fine of �50 should be issued when initially caught. Having said this, there is never enough police presence around to control and implement this.

Rae: Spend the money on better cycle lanes. Surely we only want to encourage people to cycle.

MClaf: I am partially sighted and walk to and from work with a white stick. In the last 2 months I have been hit on four separate occasions, once cutting my arm and drawing blood. I got a mouthful of abuse from the cyclist for my trouble. I reported this to the police but the are overstretched.

Turnover: I am a cyclist and I say fine them on the spot or seize the bike and they have to pay �30 plus to get it back.

Christopher Neave: Cyclists often do what they want. I have lost count of the number of times I have been in my van waiting for the lights to change and a cyclist has just looked either way to make sure it is clear before riding through red lights.

Kevin Rymell: Having been a cyclist all my life as well as a motorcyclist and a car driver - I have never ridden on the pavement, or gone through a red light or heaven forbid down a one way street the wrong way - but it really does annoy me when cyclists do these things - you are very vunerable on a bicycle, and many other road users seem to forget this fact but it does not excuse bad behaviour and putting other people including pedestrians at risk.

Oneloose nut: All road users should be penalised appropriately for any law breaking. That includes cars on the path as well as cyclist, red light jumpers (both cars and cycles).

Crazy: Cycle Paths in Norwich are woefully inadequate and most not fit for purpose. Give cyclists the same sort of provision that motorists and pedestrians get and the problem would be solved.

LLCK: I'm a regular walker, cyclist & motorist, so don't think I'm being biased an anything. Cyclists get the worse deal of all 3 modes of transport. Walkers have dedicated paths, motorists have dedicated roads, only rarely do cyclists get a dedicated cycle route.

CovCanary: conducting a survey on one narrow, busy street is not a fair test. How about looking at busy, wide roads which already have cycle lanes on them as well, for example, and comparing results?

Billy Boy: No mention of cyclists who use the road when cycle paths are provided... I'd like to think I'm a tolerant motorist, but that does get my goat when I'm stuck behind them.

Monkeynuts: I cycle that road twice a day (in both direction?). Iv never jumped a light, and iv never cycled on the pavement. But I'm all for fining people who do, it seems only fair.

ExPat: Instead of spending money trying to help higher paid commuters get out of Norfolk by train faster, why not spend the money on better facilities to help cyclists get around the city more safely?

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