Work to be done to help at three accident blackspots in Norwich

Work will be done to improve three Norwich accident blackspots as part of a �215,000 investment in the city's roads.

Junctions at Ipswich Road, Dereham Road and Drayton Road are all set to benefit if proposals to the Norwich Highways Agency Committee are followed.

The recommendations for 2012/13 would see �70,000 worth of work done to help at the three areas which all have an accident rate above the national average.

The first proposal is for a larger waiting area and wider footpath to be created for pedestrians at Ipswich Road and Ipswich Grove, near Newmarket Road.

At the Dereham Road and Nelson Street junction it is suggested that more should be done to warn cyclists and drivers of each other, and at the Boundary Road and Drayton Road junction there would be planted screens on left-turning slip roads to focus drivers on the car in front rather than gaps in traffic.

Further proposals include improvements as part of the Norwich Area Transport Implementation Plan. These include work on the bus shelters along the Newmarket Road and Dereham Road Bus Rapid Transit routes, an improved cycle network design, and to continue a proposal to help reduce congestion at Koblenz Avenue.

However, an idea to bring a signalled pedestrian crossing across Albion Way is beyond the current budget.

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A further �25,000 is being spent on bus stop infrastructure and �20,000 on minor work, such as dropped kerbs.

In previous years the committee has had funding of between �1m and �1.5m to allocate across the city, but with Norfolk County Council cutting the allocations to transport improvement schemes, following a government grant reduction, the city received �195,000 for 2011/12 and is planning for �215,000 in 2012/13.

As a result the report states that the funding 'needs to be focused on areas of greatest need; on schemes that will achieve the best value for money and social benefits'.

This means that no money will be spent on new pedestrian crossings, traffic calming schemes or 20mph speed limits.

The highways agency committee is to meet at City Hall on Thursday at 10am, when it is recommended to approve the programme.

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