Anger over bid to extend double-yellow lines

Norfolk County Council is proposing improvements to be made to the White Woman Lane, Spixworth Road and Lodge Lane...

Norfolk County Council is proposing improvements to be made to the White Woman Lane junction in Old Catton - Credit: Google Maps

Potential changes have been put forward for a busy road on the outskirts of Norwich to help traffic flow more smoothly. 

Norfolk County Council is planning an upgrade to the current traffic light system at the junction of White Woman Lane, Spixworth Road and Lodge Lane in Old Catton. 

But objections have been voiced against part of the scheme by the parish council. 

The county council's proposed system would use traffic sensors to detect and react to vehicles as they get near to the junction. 

And the authority is also proposing an extension of the existing double yellow lines up to the layby area on White Woman Lane.

A spokesperson for the county council said this would complement the upgrade scheme as it will ensure cars are able to use the correct left or right turn lane as they approach the junction.

With the section of road becoming "increasingly busy", the council has decided to put forward the idea to local stakeholders. 

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But Old Catton Parish Council unanimously agreed to reject the plan for the double yellow restrictions at White Woman Lane during a council meeting on Monday. 

The proposal was rejected on the grounds it would not be of benefit to residents. 

Parish council clerk Sarah Vincent said she would be writing to the county council to inform them about the decision. 

The county council spokesperson said: "As always we are seeking initial feedback from key groups, such as the parish council, on the proposal, before any plans might be taken forward to a more formal consultation stage.”