Video: Captured on camera - the Norwich street with 50 pot-holes

The shocking state of Norwich's pot-holed roads has been brought sharply into focus after a driver shot a video from his dashboard showing his car bumping over 50 of them in a single city street.

Over barely a third of a mile, the video shows driver Tony Sutton encountering dozens of pot-holes while driving down Trafford Road.

Every couple of seconds Mr Sutton's car hits another pot-hole and at a time when council bosses have conceded they are desperately short of cash to pay for repairs, his film reveals just how bad some of the streets around the city have become.

Married father-of-one Mr Sutton, 32, installed a dashcam system on his car a few months ago so he could use it if he had an accident.

But Mr Sutton, who works in Norwich as a systems support analyst, has used it to highlight the state of the county's roads - as well as showcasing bad driving he has spotted.

He said: 'I have been using the dashcam system for a few months as my second witness in case of an accidents.

'During the time, I noticed there are very poor/bad drivers out there, so I thought I'd do the same too to raise awareness about them.

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'In addition, I also try to get the council to be aware about poor state of the roads, signs, markings and so on by pointing it out and sending the link to them.

'I feel Trafford Road is very poor and I am very surprised it has not been fixed for a while as it has been like that since last year - even before the snow.

'I hope that by showing the video, there will be some action done about it sooner.'

The Evening News counted 56 pot-holes along the full length of Trafford Road, with roadworks signs showing that two had been filled in recently.

Families living in the street said they were a nuisance, particularly for cyclists, and said the problem had got worse in recent years.

Retired Norwich Union worker Eileen Wyatt, said: 'There are more of them this year. I wonder whether they make road surfaces out of something different abroad, because places which have severe winters as a matter of course seem to cope better than we do.'

BT engineer David Noller said: 'I've got a four-wheel drive, but you still worry about it when you hit one of those things.

'Last year was the same. I think they just patch them up each year, but they don't seem to fill them in properly.'

Cedric Lovewell, 63, who runs river trips in Norwich, said: 'It's worse than it was last year. I haven't seen them do any repairs this year. That's not to say they haven't, but I haven't seen them.

'Considering the road is a bus route, they never grit it. To my knowledge, they've only gritted it once, after a bus crashed into one of the houses years ago.'

Stephen Little, Green county and city councillor for Town Close, the ward which Trafford Road is in, said he would raise the issue with highways officers.

He said: 'Generally, there are lots of streets across the city which are not in an acceptable condition. Some of them are in a terrible state, 'I know we had looked at Trafford Road last year when there were a lot of pot-holes even before the bad winter this year.

'It is becoming a major problem because of the lack of funding. There's a choice between doing a lot of streets with surface dressing or a few streets well and the solution of doing a lot with surface dressing is not always a happy one.'

To report a pothole problem in a Norwich street, call Norwich City Council on 0344 980 3333 or for elsewhere in Norfolk call the county council on 0344 800 8009.

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