Calls for action on 'lethal' school route over speeding

Sprowston district councillor Natasha Harpley has described the speeding in School Lane as a "huge issue" 

Sprowston district councillor Natasha Harpley has described the speeding in School Lane as a "huge issue" - Credit: Google/Natasha Harpley

Safety fears have been raised over a 20mph residential road which has become like "a grand prix track" putting schoolchildren and pedestrians at risk. 

Sprowston Town Council has called for the county council to install more 20mph repeater signs along School Lane after receiving "several complaints" about speeding. 

But a spokeswoman for the county council said School Lane already has "several sets of speed humps in place to assist in keeping vehicle speeds low, and clear 20mph zone signs on all entry points".

An average of just six people a year have been fined for speeding in Norwich's 20mph zones. PHOTO: A

There is a 20mph speed limit for School Lane. - Credit: © ARCHANT NORFOLK PHOTOGRAPHI

Derek Wright, 75, who lives in Neville Close nearby, said speeding is an issue throughout the area with the regular sounds of vehicles "smashing over the speedbumps". 

He also disputed the signs being clear, stating one 20mph sign is "difficult to see" as it is part obscured by a tree.

On the speeding, Mr Wright added: "They think they are on a grand prix track.

"School Lane is very congested with trucks but it is not the only part of Sprowston being abused with speeds in excess of 20mph." 

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The town council has a mobile speed awareness message flash-up sign in School Lane and will be analysing the results at the next full council meeting. 

Schoolchildren from Chestnut Nursery School in the Diamond Centre often cross the road.

Dixies Diner is located opposite the school with a staff member saying vehicles fly around the corner onto School Lane. 

The employee, who asked not to be named, said he regularly sees drivers "whizz up and down both ways".

Sprowston district councillor Natasha Harpley described the speeding as a "huge issue" with the amount of traffic passing through.

Natasha Harpley,district councillor for Sprowston, Pic: Labour Party.

Natasha Harpley,district councillor for Sprowston, Pic: Labour Party. - Credit: Labour Party

She said: "There are certainly major concerns with huge vehicles coming round, blind spots and children crossing the road. 

"The potential for accidents is another reason to slow it down as it's not like it's just little Ford Fiestas going along there."

Ms Harpley has  been following up complaints from neighbours due to large lorries using the industrial site in School Lane throughout the night, causing noise nuisance and light pollution issues.

Don Pearce, landlord of The Woodman pub opposite School Lane, said: "It's a bit lethal. I've seen a few near misses in the three years I've been here." 

Debbie and Donald Pearce, managers at The Woodman pub on North Walsham Road in Norwich which has re-

Don Pearce, landlord of The Woodman in North Walsham Road, opposite School Lane - Credit: Danielle Booden

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