Mixed reaction to car park plans at Broads beauty spot

Signs have been placed around Salhouse asking people not to park on the verges

Signs have been placed around Salhouse asking people not to park on the verges - Credit: George Thompson

Plans to expand the car park at an increasingly popular Broads beauty spot car have drawn a mixed reaction from neighbours.

Salhouse Broad is one of the most accessible spots on the waterways and has attracted growing numbers of visitors in recent years, with people attracted by its beach and surrounding meadows overlooking the water.

To cater for this growing popularity - and stop visitors parking along the village verges - the local landowner has submitted plans to the Broads Authority to double the size of the car park, from 35 spaces to 72.

Tom Aldis, 37, who lives on Salhouse Road, near the site, said: “Parking has become more needed there. We have only got a limited amount of space on the roads and it becomes very congested.

“I think when you look at the popularity of the Broads and how it has increased over lockdown it is long overdue."

Salhouse Broad Car Park in November 

Salhouse Broad Car Park in November - Credit: George Thompson

The local ranger welcomed the plans earlier this month, saying the car park was too small for the level of popularity and people parking on verges was stopping emergency vehicles from getting through.

However, there are some concerns the enlarged facility could lead to further local congestion, by making the area even more popular with visitors.

Louisa Clutterbuck, of Mill Hill, was against the plans, arguing it will lead to an increase of cars which the village did not have the roads to support. "I don't see the need for it," she added. 

Linda Smith, 66, who lives on Upper Street, was concerned the pay and display machine installed last year would force people back out onto the verges.    

The car park at Salhouse Broad, pictured in August 2021

The car park at Salhouse Broad, pictured in August of this year. - Credit: Google

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“There are people who won’t pay, so I wonder whether it is a waste of time expanding the car park," she said. 

“It’s been very busy this last year. With people staycationing this road has been a nightmare, they use it as a rat run. We've had a lot more traffic."

She said she had been forced to keep her bins on the edge of her drive to stop people from pulling onto her property.

Salhouse no parking sign on the grass verge

Salhouse no parking sign on the grass verge - Credit: George Thompson

One Salhouse Road resident, who asked not to be named, said signs installed last year asking people to not park on the verges seemed to work but was concerned the measures had simply forced the problem further up the village. 

The Broads Authority is due to make a decision next month.

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