Plea to repair potholed roads in Bowthorpe and West Earlham

Several streets in Bowthorpe are in urgent need of repair, according to a county councillor.

Paul Wells, the Conservative county councillor for Bowthorpe, has complied a list of 22 roads which he feels the city council should re-surface, following complaints from families living in the area.

Mr Wells said: 'Some of these roads already have potholes, whilst others are beginning to crack and could become a problem if we have a bad winter.

'Others have become a patchwork of pothole repairs over the years.'

The roads, mainly side streets and cul-de-sacs, are across Bowthorpe and West Earlham.

Mr Wells said he would write to Norwich City Council with the list and ask them to include the streets on their maintenance programme and make them a priority.

He said: 'The city council does do a good job on most of the main roads, however, often the smaller roads and side closes are overlooked.

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'Many of the smaller roads have not been properly re-surfaced in years.

'If the council was to just re-surface some of them, they may actually save themselves money as they will have no more problems for a while. Prevention is better than cure.'

A spokeswoman for the city council said they were drawing up next year's programme of roadworks with streets needing the most urgent attention at the top of the list.

She said: 'If anyone does see a pothole on a road that is causing a hazard it is important we are aware so we can resolve it as a matter of urgency.

'If it is possible to provide a picture this is also of great help. 'We would like to thank people for their continued help in this.'

The roads include: Beloe Avenue, Bateman Close, Swafield Street, Joe Ellis Court, Morris Close, Notridge Road, Kerville Street, Yaxley Way, Wortham Close, Howlett Drive, Brampton Court, and Earlham Green Lane.