Plans for cyclists to cycle wrong way down Norwich one-way street

Cyclists could be allowed to bike the wrong way down a busy Norwich street in a bid to ease access to a new cycle parking facility.

Norwich City Council has held a consultation over plans to put a contra-flow cycle lane in Duke Street, a one-way road from Charing Cross to the St Crispins Road. Under the proposals, cyclists would be able to head towards the city centre on the west side of the one-way street.

It is hoped the cycle path would help cyclists reach the recently-opened cycle park at St Andrews car park, a secure parking cage for 26 cycles. The plans, however, have been criticised by pedestrians, claiming it would be 'hazardous'.

A City Hall spokesman said: 'We decided to look at Duke Street as part of an overall city centre contra-flow cycling review.

'Duke Street was identified for consideration in response to the recent opening of the cycle park at St Andrews. At present, access for cyclists between the cycle park and the National Cycle Route, which runs through Colegate and St George's Street, is constrained by the one-way flow along Duke Street.

'The wide pavement on the west side of Duke Street could offer space to achieve a cycle contra-flow between Colegate and the cycle park.'

The consultation closed on December 10. The city council is currently revising the scheme in the light of the results and a further consultation on the revised scheme will take place later this year.

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John Peacock, from the Norfolk branch of pedestrian charity Living Streets, said: 'We consider the use of the pavement as an unsuitable location for a contra-flow cycle path.

'Considerable pedestrian activity around the entrance to the art college during its opening hours is a concern and the fact that cyclists would then have to cross over a road of fast moving traffic to gain access to the cycle park would be hazardous. We would wish to see a section of the eastern side of the carriageway used instead.'

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