'Forced into the road': Safety fears over pavement parking

Pedestrians have expressed safety fears over Sandringham Road in Norwich 

Pedestrians have expressed safety fears over Sandringham Road in Norwich - Credit: Google Maps/Archant

Pedestrians are being forced off the pavement and into a road because of double-parked cars on a narrow street. 

Grandparents Judith and Derek Merrill told the Evening News their safety concerns over Sandringham Road near the Golden Triangle. 

The couple are hoping that following the launch of this paper's 'We'll Sort It' campaign something could be done to tighten parking measures on the narrow suburb street. 

The campaign aims to fix people's problems raised across the city.

Mr Merrill explained: "We are perpetually forced out into the road and we have to be very, very cautious with traffic passing.

"It seems like it is accepted now that people park on the pavement. We appreciate it's difficult but the council need to encourage people to cycle or walk more.

"It's become a problem where several people in a household use a car. The width of the pavement does not sustain parking for that many cars."

The couple often walk the route when taking their grandson towards Earlham Cemetery and Heigham Park. 

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Paul Neale, county councillor for the Nelson Ward, is currently undertaking a research survey in the area as he presses Highways for road safety improvements.

Mr Neale said the general opinion was in line with Mr and Mrs Merrill's concerns when speaking to people in Sandringham Road recently.

County councillor Paul Neale 

County councillor Paul Neale is already trying to enforce change - Credit: Paul Neale

The councillor noticed a woman having to step into the road while pushing a pram and carrying a toddler as a car slowly approached during one visit.

He continued: "The street gets narrower towards the cemetery. One option is to allow people to park on one side and not on the other. 

"Legally we can only do it by telling people and to get their consent. Highways have been contacted about it before but they could not find a solution.

"There are a lot of traffic issues in that area with speeding and rat-running along Alexandra Road and Stafford Street." 

A county council spokeswoman said: "Unless there are yellow lines or other parking restrictions, then civil parking enforcement officers wouldn’t be able to prevent people parking in the way that some may be."

She said any new restrictions would need community support and stakeholder consultation to go through a legal process.