Norwich woman campaigns to improve bus services

A Norwich mum is campaigning for better bus services.

Ellen Nierop, from Catton Grove, has set up a Facebook page Better Bus Service for Norwich after being regularly 'let down' by the public transport network in Norwich.

The 35-year-old mum of two said she hopes people will voice their views about the bus services in the city and for those comments to be fed back to operators.

Ms Nierop, who has two girls, Tabitha, aged three, and Myhren, 12, said: 'The bus service in Norwich, especially in the last couple of weeks, has become completely unreliable.

'I've spoken to people at bus stops who have missed work or been late to work and have missed appointments because of the buses. There are so many people who are frustrated that they cannot rely on the buses to get from one place to another.'

Ms Nierop said she had experienced problems on the number 16 and 25 services.

'I know in the grand scheme of things, a bus not turning up is negligible but for people's individual lives, it has a huge impact,' she added.

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A spokesman from bus company First said: 'We rely heavily on passenger feedback to improve our services, and whilst we would prefer passengers to contact our customer service team directly with any comments or suggestions, we understand that social networking sites are a great way to view personal opinion.

'We try to keep our passengers up to date with any service changes or delays wherever possible via our internet and Twitter pages.'

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Anyone who doesn't have access to Facebook but wants to contact Better Bus Service for Norwich, should email

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