Norwich MP demands action against speeding motorists

A Norwich MP is among those who will be trying to find a solution to tackling speeding motorists near a city beauty spot.

Chloe Smith, Norwich North MP, will be visiting Gurney Road next month to see what can be done to prevent drivers speeding on the road which runs close to Mousehold Heath.

Families living in the area have for some time had concerns about the rate at which some motorists drive on the road and the implications it has not only in terms of safety but also in terms of noise and nuisance.

Miss Smith, who will visit the site on November 19, along with a delegation including eastern region Member of the European Parliament, Richard Howitt, said: 'It can be a question of danger on the corners – it's not the easiest road to drive – and can also be a question of noise and the overall feel of the area.

'It's certainly something I know that residents in the area feel very strongly about and also many of those that use the heath for leisure.

'It's also an area of great beauty for the city so all in all there is something which needs to be done.'

Miss Smith said one of the most important things from the site visit would be to not only tackle the problem of speeding, but also find a solution that was in keeping with the area.

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She said: 'I hope at our meeting we will take the chance to talk about a few new things that could be tried. Speeding in many areas of the city is an old problem, but it might need a bit of fresh thinking.'

Tony Adams, chairman of the Norwich Highways Agency Committee will be one of those accompanying Miss Smith on the visit.

He said: 'The road splits Mousehold and there's a problem there with the speed of cars that are going down there.

'We've had one site meeting and don't want to put in ordinary traffic calming measures there because of the closeness to Mousehold and so are looking for innovative ways.'

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