Dashcam footage of near miss at roundabout sparks plea for drivers to use correct lane

The near miss at the Norfolk Showground roundabout. Pic: Nathan Clare.

The near miss at the Norfolk Showground roundabout. Pic: Nathan Clare. - Credit: Nathan Clare

A driver who was moments away from a crash on a roundabout near Norwich has urged motorists to pay more attention to signs and road markings.

Nathan Clare. Pic: Courtesy Nathan Clare.

Nathan Clare. Pic: Courtesy Nathan Clare. - Credit: Nathan Clare

Nathan Clare's near miss at the Norfolk Showground roundabout on Monday night - where a car in the wrong lane almost ploughed into him - was captured on his dashcam.

At just after 9pm on Monday night, the 25-year-old had left the westbound A47 on to the slip road for Easton/Longwater and was about to use the roundabout to head to his home at Queen's Hills.

He was in the left hand lane, which is marked for Longwater and other routes and intended to use that to turn towards Longwater.

However, a white Skoda in the right hand lane, which is supposed to be used solely for traffic heading into Norwich, cut across him to get onto the A47 slip road - forcing him to hit the brakes to avoid a crash.

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Mr Clare, who works as a lorry driver, posted the dashcam footage of the near miss on Facebook, saying he wanted to raise awareness of how people are using the roundabout wrongly.

He said: "I was left a bit shaken by what happened as I wasn't expecting it. The driver was in the right hand lane, which is supposed to be used to head into Norwich, so I was surprised when they went off toward the A47.

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"If I hadn't put the brakes on, I would definitely have hit them. I'm used to drivers getting in that right lane to go over to Longwater, when they shouldn't, but this was the first time someone has done that."

Mr Clare, who has just become a father, said: "Perhaps I'm a bit more defensive at the moment because I've just had a son, but it's horrible to think that my newborn son could have been in the car and this could have ended much worse. I'm really worried there's going to be a bad crash there."

Mr Clare said he hoped the footage might serve as a "wake-up" call. He also urged other drivers to make sure they use the correct lane at that roundabout.

People who commented on Mr Clare's Facebook story said they had similar near misses at the roundabout.

Work to make changes to the junctions near Longwater is due, although that is more to address Highways England's concerns about vehicles queuing down the slip road and onto the A47.

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