Most dangerous roads in Norwich revealed

The five locations where pedestrians are most likely to be killed or injured in Norwich have been revealed.

A report highlighting the city accident blackspots is to be considered by councillors this week, but a council leader has admitted funding cuts mean action is unlikely to be taken.

A map highlights the pedestrian injuries in Norwich for the year up to the end of July.

The junction of Nelson Street and Mile Cross Road is one of the areas highlighted, as is Prince of Wales Road.

The most central area highlighted is at the crossroads for Westlegate, St Stephens Street, Red Lion Street and Rampant Horse Street, where some of the busiest pedestrian crossings in the city are based.

The junction of Grove Road and Ipswich Road, close to Norwich City College, is also highlighted, as is the junction of Barrett Road with Long John Hill, in Lakenham.

The Evening News reported in July that there had been a rise of 25 casualties, including an increase of three people killed or seriously injured, in the year up to the end of June, and that the overall number of people injured on the city's roads was also rising.

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A map has been produced for Thursday's meeting of the Norwich Highways Agency Committee, which now highlights the blackspots for pedestrian injuries in Norwich for the year up to the end of July.

Bert Bremner, vice-chairman of the Norwich Highways Agency Committee, was pleased that the locations where problems have taken place have been identified, but warned there was little that Thursday's meeting is likely to be able change because of funding cuts.

He said: 'If we wanted to do something, then we can't because there is no money. We would normally have �1.5m to put in crossings or traffic lights, but the county council have only given us �200,000 - an 80pc cut, which is massive.

'So unless the county council can come up with some more money, then we won't be able to do a single thing.

'The map is very interesting, though. The Nelson Street and Mile Cross Road junction is a very awkward one and Westlegate is a very interesting one too. We are trying to do things about that, to stop traffic coming through the city centre.

'But the Ipswich Road and Grove Road one has taken me back a bit, so we're going to have to listen hard to the report on Thursday.'

Mr Bremner pointed to Prince of Wales Road being on the list as a consequence of the number of people who visit the area for its bars and clubs.

However, he added: 'Let's not build Norwich up as unsafe, though - it's not. But serious accidents have serious consequences for the people involved and when you see an increase; it is worrying.'

The overall number of casualties on roads in Norwich had gone up by 30 people, with those killed or seriously injured increasing by four in the past year and nine over two years.

There were 419 casualties in the year up to the end of June 2011, which contrasts with 389 from July 2009 to June 2010 and 380 from July 2008 to June 2009.

A large proportion of the overall increase was through injuries to pedestrians, with 94 casualties in the past year, including 16 who were killed or seriously injured. This overall figure was a rise of just over 36pc in a year, with 25 more casualties, including an increase in three killed or seriously injured.

The figures for Norwich went against a trend elsewhere in Norfolk, which has seen a decrease over the past two years.

However, the long term progress has been good and that the numbers of casualties has been on a downward trend for the last 15 years.

Stephen Little, city councillor for the Town Close ward, which includes the Ipswich Road and Grove Road junction, was pleased the busy junction had been highlighted.

He said: 'There was some moeny spent on this junction a year or two ago and, to be honest, as a regular user of the junction, it can be a bit confusing.

'There is the cycle crossing, the pedestrian crossing and a bus lane and, of course, you get cars going up Newmarket Road and Ipswich Road at a fair pace.

'It's an interesting report and, this junction in particular, maybe needs to be looked at again.'

While Amy Stammers, whose Mancroft ward includes the Nelson Street and Mile Cross Road junction, added: 'Pedestrian safety is and should continue to be in Norwich, so I'm glad to see that this busy junction has been highlighted.

'Having spoken to residents, this has been highlighted as a problem in that area and it can be dangerous for pedestrians around that junction.'

More details about the report will be revealed at Thursday's meeting.

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