Families’ complaints spark review of parking permits by Norwich City Council

City Hall bosses will review the way parking permits are enforced across Norwich in the wake of complaints that the system is being abused.

Families will also have to pay more for their parking permits in January after the Norwich Highways Agency Committee (NHAC) agreed to raise prices.

A 12-month permit will increase from �16 to �17 for a 'short' car, from �23.90 to �26 for a 'medium' car and up to �38 from �35 for a 'long' car.

Visitor permits are priced as if the car is 'medium' length.

Becki Matthews, who has been leading the fight for Ashby Street residents since 2004 against businesses abusing parking permits, called on officers to give a time frame on a long-awaited review of parking permits.

Transport manager Joanne Deverick said the review, which will cover how permits are given out, should be completed by May.

The review will also look at putting a limit on how long businesses with permits can park after it emerged some firms are using photocopies of permits.

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Ms Matthews said businesses were parking cars in the street for four days without them being moved.

But when council officers carried out their own survey in October half-term they found there were enough empty spaces.

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