Speed signs to FINALLY be installed at 'accident hotspot'

Stafford Street has become an "accident blackspot" according to city councillor Paul Neale 

Stafford Street and Earlham Road have become an "accident hotspot" according to county councillor Paul Neale - Credit: Paul Neale

After a 35-year battle to improve road safety at an "accident hotspot" plans are finally one step closer to coming to fruition. 

Concerns have long been expressed over speeding and rat-running in Earlham Road and adjacent streets such as Alexandra Road and Stafford Street.

Green Party city councillor Denise Carlo first started calling for 20mph and safer cycling measures along Earlham Road in 1986 when she stood for election. 

But funding did not become available for the project until 2019 through the Green Pedalway county council scheme. 

Denise Carlo. Photo: Dan Grimmer

Denise Carlo. Photo: Dan Grimmer - Credit: Archant

Mrs Carlo said: "With the area-wide 20mph speed limit in place we are finding that while some drivers lower their speeds, some do not.

"So we are campaigning for additional speed safety measures to be brought in to better enforce the lower speed limit.

"Lack of funding for green transport and political acceptability are the biggest barriers to change." 

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Both Mrs Carlo and Nelson Ward county councillor Paul Neale have been knocking on doors as part of a road safety survey in the NR1 quarter. 

They are gathering evidence to make the case for spending on safety improvements to the county council.

City councillor Paul Neale says many accidents have occurred in Stafford Street

City councillor Paul Neale says many accidents have occurred in Stafford Street - Credit: Paul Neale

They hope to reduce the number of accidents, with Mr Neale recalling a motorcyclist being left unconscious for days after being hit by a car coming across the Stafford Street junction in years gone by. 

Mr Neale said: "It has become an accident hotspot.

"I have applied for a flashing speed monitor to be installed in Earlham Road as people are not obeying the 20mph speed limit."

The funding for this has now been approved with their future locations now being decided.

County councillor Paul Neale 

County councillor Paul Neale - Credit: Paul Neale

Dereham-based manufacturing company Westcotec have been contracted for the installation of flashing speed signs along Earlham Road.

And the manager of Earlham Road's Aram's Barbershop, who did not wish to be named, believes the speed signs are a good idea.

He said: "I think the signs are needed so people can clearly see them.

"Often they go too fast and see it is 20mph only when it is too late as they are already going too quickly." 

Andy Ellis, Highways area manager, said: “We’re currently working closely with counicllor Neale on potential local highway improvements, and exploring options for speed awareness signage on Earlham Road."