Driving instructor shares terrifying videos of NDR near misses

ndr roundabout dashcam

One of the near misses on the NDR - Credit: Mark Hewitt

A Norwich driving instructor has shared footage of several near misses on the NDR outside of Norwich, to try and highlight the dangers being caused by careless drivers.

In a video shared with the EDP by Mark Hewitt, of Hewitt Driving School, a cyclist has a near miss on the road, while multiple drivers make roundabout mistakes.

Mr Hewitt said  he sees this sort of thing regularly whilst teaching students adding: "It's a daily occurrence really, it's fairly common, especially on the NDR."

The first clip, featuring a cyclist knocked from their bike, is from late August 2021. Mr Hewitt said that after the incident the car pulled over to check on the cyclist. This took place on the NDR near Cromer Road.

The second clip, featuring a red car overtaking on a roundabout, is from May 2019, when one of Mr Hewitt's students was driving the car. They were on the NDR near Rackheath, when the red car dangerously attempted to get in front of the learner driver.

The third clip, featuring a white van driving in the wrong lane, is from June 2021. Mr Hewitt was driving on the NDR near Horsford when he noticed the van.

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