Cost of on street parking could rise in parts of Norwich

The cost of parking a car on a street in parts of Norwich is set to go up as part of a move by council bosses to generate an extra �50,000 a year.

A report reviewing the current Monday to Saturday daytime charges in on street pay and display bays in Norwich is recommending a tariff increase in parts of the city centre including St Augustine, St Paul, St Mary and St Clement, all to the north of the city centre and St Julian St John and St Peter sub-zones, all to the south of the city centre.

The tariff increase being looked for in these areas, also known as secondary areas, is from 20p per 15minutes to 25p per 15 minutes.

But the Norwich Highways Agency Committee, which will meet on Thursday<25> to discuss the report, will be asked to implement a further increase to 30p per 15 minutes in secondary areas when it meets in November next year.

Julian Foster, chairman of the Central Norwich Citizens' Forum, said: 'The reality now is after the coalition government's comprehensive spending review its very very obvious that all local authorities are going to have to find ways of not only reducing their costs but increasing their income from the general public and car parking is one of the obvious ones.

'It's difficult to say at which point people will be put off. There must be a point at which it becomes less viable but on the other hand people have to come in and park their cars and the alternatives are not very attractive. I'm not sure that raising parking charges by a small amount is going to put people off.'

The report recommends there should be no increase in the tariff for parking in the core area of the city centre, consisting of St Giles, Castle and Cathedral sub-zones, which is currently 40p for 15 minutes.

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Other changes recommended by the report include changing barely used pay and display bays in Stepping Lane and Music House Lane to permit parking for St Julian Permit Holders and the under used pay and display bay in St Martins Lane to permit parking for St Mary permit holders.

There are also plans to change the tariff for pay and display bays in Mountergate from core to secondary rate and change the loading bay on the south side of St Giles Street to a core area pay and display bay.

It will cost �15,000 to implement the changes but will generate an increase in annual income of around �50,000.

The increases have been suggested after a week's worth of data was collected from all ticket machines as part of the review detailing the number of tickets purchased for each 15 minute period and the amount of income collected.

During the week in September, a neutral month believed to be a fair representation of normal day to day use, 3422 tickets were purchased in the core area and 7211 in the second area netting a total of �10,589.

The report states if the charges were to rise as stated and the usage was to remain the same an extra �81,000 of income could be generated in the first year and �162,000 in the second year and subsequent years on top of the current income of about �310,000 in the secondary area.

It is anticipated that price increases would be introduced by the end of February next year and the change of use of pay and display bays by Easter.

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