Calls to make two Norwich roads safer

Families living on two streets which are plagued by problems with speeding motorists and illegal parking are calling for safety changes to be made.

Mount Pleasant and Albermale Road, off Newmarket Road, Norwich, both carry 20mph speed limits, but despite this people living in the area are worried about their safety and that of their children.

Despite having four schools close by, there are no traffic-calming measures in place to slow motorists down. Annelise Savill, 47, a mother-of-two from Mount Pleasant, said she was worried about the safety of her children and the 1,000 or so others who go to school in the area.

She has written to urge the Norwich Highways Agency Committee to include safety work in the area, such as humps, chicanes or raised kerbs, when it discusses its highways improvement programme on Thursday.

She said: 'The speed limit is 20mph, but because there's no self-enforcing traffic-calming measures, people speed anyway and they mount the kerbs.

'Police are regularly called to resolve traffic issues. The situation has recently been exacerbated by speed humps in adjacent Christchurch Road, which drives yet more traffic onto these vulnerable roads. It is the poorest served school area in terms of self-enforcing safety measures.'

In addition to concern about children's safety, Albermale Road also has an old people's home, The Cedars, which has several residents who are also vulnerable.

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The problems in Mount Pleasant were discussed by members of NHAC when they met in November last year but speed humps were discounted at the time because there had been no accidents in the past five years and because not everyone living in the area had been in support of having them.

A spokesman for Norwich City Council said: 'The council gets a lot of requests for traffic-calming around the city and we review them all seriously as public safety must be paramount. We take a number of factors into account to prioritise which highway improvements should be made in a given year. There are roads in Norwich which see regular accidents and are in need of measures; the council must consider these roads as a priority before making improvements in lower priority areas. There has not been an accident recorded on Mount Pleasant for several years and statistically it is safer than other roads being considered for traffic measures. We have a duty to ensure public safety and make sure areas in greatest need get these measures first.'

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