Call for speed limit change Felthorpe’s busy road

Lindy Platten-Jarvis at her gate on the blind bend in Felthorpe. Photo: Bill Smith

Lindy Platten-Jarvis at her gate on the blind bend in Felthorpe. Photo: Bill Smith

A woman is calling for the speed limit to be reduced from 30mph to 20mph on a busy stretch of road in Felthorpe.

It comes following the removal of 'slow' writing following recent road works, resulting in Royal Mail having difficulties delivering mail to Lindy Platten-Jarvis, who has lived on Taverham Road for the last 42 years.

She said: 'Due to resurfacing, the 'slow' sign has been totally obliterated and needs replacing. Health and safety officers from Royal Mail have declared the road to be too unsafe for their employee to continue making deliveries to my home. This is very serious as I will have to collect my mail from a box across the road which is dangerous for me to get to.'

Miss Platten-Jarvis is registered disabled and said she had had 'many near misses and suffered abuse from motorists' while crossing the road.

'I think a 20mph limit should be applied,' she added.

Royal Mail spokesman, Felicity MacFarlane, said: 'Royal Mail has been concerned about the difficulties of access to the customer's property at Taverham Road, Felthorpe, due to traffic conditions on the bend.

'We have not suspended deliveries and we continue to deliver the mail. We are also talking to the customer about arrangements to deliver mail to the back of her property rather than the front.'

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A spokesman from Norfolk County Council added: 'The 'slow' signage on the road surface on the Taverham Road bends is due to be reinstated by the end of August as part of our summer lining contract, after patching work meant the original wording was obscured. We have looked into Ms Platten-Jarvis' request for a 20mph speed limit to be introduced along the road. In this instance, we feel the current 30mph speed limit is most appropriate.'

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