Warning cash for speed cameras to stop NDR rat-runners could disappear

West End in Costessey. Picture: Keith Whitmore

West End in Costessey. Picture: Keith Whitmore - Credit: © ARCHANT } NORFOLK 2002.

Fears have been raised that speed cameras need to be placed on a road used by NDR rat-runners soon - or the cash to pay for the project will disappear.

The Next Home store on Longwater Retail Park. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

The Next Home store on Longwater Retail Park. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2018

That is the warning from Costessey Town Council member Gary Blundell, who said the two cameras were the preferred option for West End, Costessey, a popular shortcut for motorists driving from the new road to the A47.

Mr Blundell added that the town council, Norfolk County Council and residents wanted the average speed cameras but was disheartened that Norfolk Police were opposed to the idea.

He said: "A lot of places are using average speed cameras because they are a good deterrent."

He said the money needed for the technology was available - around £300,000 from central government and just over £60,000 section 106 money from Next Home store on Costessey's Longwater Retail Park.

The store opened in 2010 and Mr Blundell said there was a risk the cash could be returned to Next if not used.

He added: "A decision needs to be made soon. We came up with an idea to stop speeding at no cost to the police. Speeding has always been an issue on West End but since the NDR was built it has got worse. Most residents feel it is dangerous. Just because accidents have not happened that doesn't mean they wont."

Average speed cameras on West End were part of an NDR development consent order, meaning traffic calming had to be put in to prevent rat-running.A county council spokesman said: "The 20mph limit on West End Street, plus speed cushions, already encourages traffic calming on the road. We are still looking at a proposal for an average speed camera provision along the same road, and are working with partners about moving this forward."A Norfolk Police spokesman said: "Many factors are taken into account when considering installing average speed cameras. National Police Chiefs' Council speed enforcement guidelines include thresholds for enforcement across all speed limits and are intended to underpin a consistent policing approach. Norfolk Constabulary will take a responsible approach to enforce speed limits based on our assessment of risk to individuals, property and the seriousness of any breach."