Deep excavation continues to disrupt key route from city to coast

Cadent engineer at work on gas leak repairs. Libary Picture: Cadent mains network

A file picture of a Cadent engineer - Credit: Cadent

City folk heading out to the north Norfolk coast while the sun is shining will have to encounter ongoing disruption caused by "complex" roadworks. 

Cadent, which runs the gas network in the area, has been carrying out essential work to replace a 550-metre section of pipe along the A140 Cromer Road between Hevingham and Marsham.

The work has been going on for weeks due to a deep excavation involved. 

This has led to motorists travelling from the Norwich direction queuing across Hevingham as far back as the Shortthorn Road junction at weekends and particularly busy times.

Water works began on the A140 at Hevingham today.

The A140 in Hevingham - Credit: Google

Buxton Road has been closed both ways from Cawston Road at the A140 junction while this work takes place.

A spokesman for Cadent said: "It’s a particularly complex project because of the location, requiring highly specialist pipe-laying techniques and equipment.

"Temporary traffic lights remain in place to help keep our teams and road users safe around the work area.

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“We’re doing everything we can to complete this work as quickly as possible - with safety a top priority. We would like to thank everyone for their continued patience." 

There is no interruption to the gas supply in the area as a result of the works. 

Linda Morris, 62, who lives nearby in Shortthorn Road, said: "I've personally witnessed a worker sat in his deckchair.

"You see loads of vans but no action taking place."

She added that those living in the area have had continual disruption from various roadworks and questioned why the Cadent workers can be seen leaving the site as early as 3pm.

Shane Ward, chairman of Hevingham Parish Council, said the current repairs have not caused as much disruption in comparison with the emergency gas works which took place at the junction of Cromer Road leading into the village last year.

He believes the recent roadworks have raised questions over the area's speed limits.

Mr Ward added: "The roadworks have demonstrated how little the impact on people’s journey would be if the county council made a common sense decision to make Hainford to Hevingham 40mph instead of the assortment of speed limits that currently exist.

"I was instrumental in reducing Hevingham’s speed limit from 50mph to 40mph to reduce accidents and ensure people can cross the road safely to get the bus.

RTC on A140 near Hevingham.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

A file picture of an accident on the A140 in Hevingham - Credit: Archant

"Hainford and Stratton Strawless are now campaigning to do the same.

"Not only would this reduce the level of accidents and fatalities at junctions, but there is also a significant herd of 100 deer that breeched the wooded area on to the A140."