Bowthorpe Road crossing plan falters

Plans to build a zebra crossing on a main Norwich street looks likely to be axed after it emerged the scheme could put local businesses at risk.

A crossing cannot be justified and a series of warning signs should be installed around the cemetery gates near Bond Street and Bowthorpe Road to make the road safer for pedestrians and cyclists, according to a report by Norwich City Council officers.

Last night, one business owner of a nearby shop said she was pleased with the report's recommendations, but Green party councillor Rupert Read, who has campaigned for the crossing, said he will fight on.

Norwich City Council was to begin work on the new �50,000 zebra crossing at Bowthorpe Road this year, but traders grouped together and submitted a 231-signature petition to the council calling on it to rethink the plans last year.

The report, which will be discussed on January 27, said the crossing would not be used regularly throughout the day, funding would no longer be available this year and could be affected by the far reaching cuts at County Hall next year.

Mr Read said he was disappointed that government cuts were one of the reasons why the zebra crossing was not being built. 'It shows how government cuts strike close to home,' he said. He said he would be voting against the proposal. He believes a slight curve in the road, the hill and poor visability up Bowthorpe Road made it 'an accident waiting to happen'.

Louise Grimwood, co-owner of children's fashion shop Merry Go Round said she was pleased they had been listened to, as the crossing could have had an impact on their business, as both customers and people making deliveries would not have been able to park close to the shop.

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