New e-scooter training courses introduced following Norwich crashes

 Beryl e-scooters in Norwich.

Norfolk County Council's Beryl scooters which are currently being trialled in Norwich and Great Yarmouth. - Credit: KATE WOLSTENHOLME

New courses are being offered to keep Norwich's e-scooter riders safe following two recent crashes.

It comes after a rider was taken to hospital on March 31 following a crash with a car in Thorpe.

Following this, another user was seriously injured after colliding with a bus on Junction Road in Norwich on Monday, April 4.

It is not known whether the incidents involved Norfolk County Council's Beryl scooters or privately owned scooters, which are illegal unless ridden on private land.

But new training sessions will educate riders before going out on the road and also give more experienced riders a chance to hone their skills.

A spokesman for Norfolk County Council said: “It is important to note the use of privately owned e-scooters is illegal unless on private land and only those available to hire through the government trial schemes in Norwich and Great Yarmouth are currently permitted for use on the highway.

“These schemes have a good safety record with comparatively low accident rates compared to other forms of transport and users should follow guidance from operators at all times."

Norwich operator Beryl has recently updated the design of the scooter itself with the addition of in-built indicators.

The company is also working with the council and Bikeability Trust to introduce online and face-to-face e-scooter training to give riders added confidence to use them safely.

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In July last year, Beryl added indicators to the city's scooters, however it says this has not been done in response to any specific incidents.

A spokesman for Beryl said: "For us, safety is paramount and we constantly review our schemes and processes to ensure they are being delivered as effectively as possible.

"It's also worth pointing out that we have the safety toolkit guide in the menu of the app."

More information on the new training courses can be found here.