Battle to save Norwich’s bus information desk

Campaigners have today urged people to write to council bosses to get them to reconsider plans to close the information desk at Norwich bus station.

The desk, which provides help, information and assistance to the thousands of bus station users every week, is among those services at risk as Norfolk County Council faces massive cuts in government funding and budget gap of �155m.

The county council is hoping to save �250,000 by closing the information desk, reducing the opening hours of the travel centre and keeping the waiting area open during the day only (from 7am until 6.30pm).

But Norfolk Buswatch said the information desk is the only resource of its kind in the city – and the county – and should be retained.

John Peacock, a spokesman for the group, said: 'The information desk plays a key role in providing vital help, information and assistance to the many thousands of users of Norwich Bus Station each week, as well as selling a wide variety of tickets for local bus operators and having available timetables and other helpful information.

'It also provides vital assistance to those disabled, blind and infirm who need the personal one to one help with their journey. Norwich Bus Station is the only point in Norwich and Norfolk to provide that all important and re-assuring one to one personal assistance for those using public transport and thus makes the using of such a facility an attractive alternative to the car.'

Mr Peacock today urged those that wanted to help save the information desk to write to the county council to let bosses know how they felt.

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He said: 'We fought long and hard over many years to get the bus station back in Norwich. It's only been there a relatively short time now and to go and remove such a vital part of that is a retrograde step and something we've got to build up opposition to.'

The state-of-the-art bus station which opened in Surrey Street in 2005 has a travel centre which contains a waiting area that can seat up to 30 people and has male, female and disabled toilets plus baby changing facilities and a cafe.

The county council has asked passengers to have their say on proposals as part of Norfolk's Big Conversation which gives people the chance to make suggestions about what should be cut and how money could be saved.

People should email their views to, making Norfolk's Big Conversation as the subject of the email.

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