Topless barbers for Prince of Wales Road, Norwich?

A protest has been launched against plans to open a topless barbers in the heart of Norwich's nightlife area.

Plans have been submitted to Norwich City Council for a change of use from drinking establishment to topless barbers during the daytime at the Qube bar in Prince Of Wales Road.

The premises is next to the Railway Mission and just two doors down is GT's barbers.

Applicant Rebecca Bird, from Fakenham, has applied to open the topless barbers between noon and 7pm from Monday to Friday and between 10am and 3pm on Saturdays.

Gary Thompson, owner of GT's barbers, said: 'I think the plans are ludicrous.

'There was a topless barbers in Sydney, Australia, and ones in Glasgow, Milton Keynes and Liverpool, but they all went out of business.

'I have made my views known to the city council and we are trying to drum up support on our Facebook page 'Against topless barbers in Norwich'. Obviously, if it did open, I think the effect on us and other hairdressers would be detrimental. But we are opposed to it not just because it would affect our business, but it would lower the image of the street even further. I have spoken to other traders and businesses and they all think it's ludicrous.'

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Thorpe Hamlet ward city councillor Lesley Grahame said she had received complaints about the plans from residents.

She said: 'A lot of residents are uneasy about it and I'm uneasy about the mix of prudishness and voyeurism that sexual entertainment arouses.

'It does not promote equal respect when semi-naked women are providing a service for clothed and paying men. Residents would feel uncomfortable in the street and I also have an issue with it being open in the afternoons.'

Her fellow ward councillor Peter Offord, who is a member of Norwich City Council's planning committee and cannot therefore comment, said he had forwarded any concerns that were sent to him on to the council.

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