Today’s Pub of the Week spotlights the Heartsease in Plumstead Road, Norwich

The husband and wife team running the Heartsease pub have issued a rallying call for customers and claim its previous bad reputation is now a thing of the past.

When Andrew and Caroline Carruthers took over the pub in April they were told that it had a bad name.

But the couple's tough stance on troublemakers has paid dividends and customers are now reaping the rewards and enjoying drinking and socialising in a safe and pleasant environment.

Mr Carruthers said: 'It did have a bad reputation but we have put rules and regulations in place, while trying to keep it as a community pub.

'We don't allow any under 14s into the pub after 7pm, and we have done away with the drug culture by regularly checking the toilets.'

The only thing lacking now is the customers, who have not exactly been breaking the door down, despite the recent closures of the Canary pub in Heartsease and the Woodside just up the road.

Mr Carruthers added: 'If we could get just 1pc of the customers who use the Aldi store next door then I would love it here.'

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The couple were brought to the pub, which is owned by Punch Taverns, by a holding company, but they plan to stay for the long haul.

Mrs Carruthers said: 'We have been trying to build it up.

'We did try food earlier in the year, but people all go down to the river side in the summer, although we will introduce another menu later in the year.

'But we have done the beer garden up and made it more inviting.

'During the week it can be a bit dead but it gets quite busy on weekends when we have karaoke and live music.

'We will also have a music quiz every Sunday night from now on.'

The pub is hosting a charity fun day on the August Bank Holiday weekend, in aid of the Weybourne day unit, the chemotherapy outpatient department at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

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