Today’s Pub of the Week feature spotlights the Mischief in Fye Bridge Street, Norwich

Visiting the Mischief is like stepping back in time to the 1970s or 1980s – there's even a poster of the kung-fu legend Bruce Lee and a Space Hopper behind the bar.

These two decades often get a bad press, especially for some of the music and haircuts that prevailed during that time, but customers at the Mischief like the retro look.

Jeff Davies, who runs the pub for Newcastle-based company, Ladhar, said: 'Customers don't want it to be a restaurant or pseudo-lounge – they want it to be as it is.

'We've still got dart boards, three pool tables, even table football, but we don't have darts or pool teams. We want people who come in to the pub to know they can always get a game.

'If you have teams then some people won't be able to play.

'And we don't like quizzes. I feel that if you don't like quizzes, you are not going to come into the pub when it's a quiz evening.

'It's like being in a library sometimes with people so caught up in the quiz that they don't talk to anyone.

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'We are offering an alternative to what's out there at the pub. You will never find karaoke or quizzes here.'

The pub is situated in Fye Bridge Street, and he said people come in to the 16th century building to get away from the nightlife area of Prince of Wales Road.

The pub also has a tie-in with the Waterfront in King Street whereby customers can get reductions at the music venue by picking up a ticket at the pub.

Mr Davies took over the pub for Ladhar about six and a half years ago.

He's an ex-beverages manager at Dunston Hall, near Norwich, and has also been bar manager at Sprowston Manor and manager at the Black Horse pub in Earlham Road.

The pub is run for Mr Davies on a day to day basis by Lindsay Smith, who used to run a pub in south London, and has been at the pub for about 18 months.

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