Today’s Norwich Pub of the Week is the Unthank Arms in the Golden Triangle

Publicans in the Golden Triangle like to think that if you don't get what you want at the first pub you visit in the area, then one of the others nearby can help you out.

At least that's the thinking at the Unthank Arms in Newmarket Street, which has been owned by Nick De'Ath and wife Briony since 2005.

Mr De'Ath, who started at the pub 22 years ago as a barman, said: 'In the Golden Triangle all the pubs complement each other.

'There are lots of nice pubs here. People know they can turn up in the Unthank Road area and if they cannot get what they want at one of the pubs, then they can probably get it at one of the others not too far away.'

He added: 'I think the Unthank Arms pub has evolved over the time we've been here.

'It's always had that Victorian look inside.

'We do great food here, and like it to be known as a pub that does great food. Inevitably, you have to move with the times.

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'We built a courtyard outside last year which can seat another 40 people.

'We're also lucky that we have a big garden and car park.'

Being a pub landlord is a very satisfying job, according to Mr De'Ath, who is also chairman of the Norwich City Centre Licensing forum.

He said: 'It's good to work together in the forum with other authorities and aim to make Norwich a better place to go out in.

'The people who run pubs now are all professionals.'

Mrs De'Ath is equally enamoured of the profession.

'There's nothing quite like it when you hear the buzz of conversation in the background, and when the music's right and the lighting's right,' she said.

'Most people feel quite at home here. We're still a local to a lot of people.

'Some people come in here every day, and we've got customers who have ben coming here for 30 or 40 years.'

But all pubs need a little help from the public, and Mr De'Ath added: 'Keep drinking is my message.

'We have said this so many times before but people need to support their locals. There used to be 365 pubs in Norwich, one for every day, but over the years there has been a steady decline in the numbers. The good pubs will remain, but we do need the public's help.'

The Evening News has been urging people to return to pubs in our Love Your Local campaign.

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