Today’s Norwich Pub of the Week is the Marlpit in Hellesdon Road

Naming a pub after the area it's situated in is sure to instill a sense of pride in the local community, and the people I met at the Marlpit definitely regarded it as their own.

Most of the people drinking and socialising in the Marlpit earlier this week lived on the nearby estate and had long-running connections to the area.

And the watering hole scores best as a community pub.

It does not have the flash and pomp of some Norwich pubs, but regulars like it as it is, and would not like to see it change.

It's the only pub in the immediate area and regulars said they liked the jukebox, pool room, and spacious bar area where they could sit and chat to friends while enjoying a pint.

The Enterprise Inns pub is managed by Sue King, who is known as a big sister to some of the regulars, and is a good mixer.

It's the first pub she has run and she's been there about three and a half years. She's a local as well, and lived on the estate in the 1980s.

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'I used to come in here when I was younger,' she said. 'I'd done bar work in the past but the first time I pulled a pint here, it was about 25 years from the last time. When I got married I had my wedding reception down the road from here. I have even been on dates here before, when I was younger.'

Like many pub managers she likes the social side of her job and meeting people.

She added: 'We are a community pub. We don't get much passing trade, so we get customers mainly through word of mouth. I worked for B&Q in Norwich for 14 years, and this is something different.

'But I don't regret coming here, although it's hard work and tiring. We are looking forward to Christmas and the New Year, which are a traditionally good times for pubs, but, saying that, November this year has been busy.'

The pub has a large play area for children outside, which is very popular during the summer, but it does not do any food.

'We try different things like we have entertainment on Saturdays, quizzes, blind double darts, and try to find other things to bring in the customers,' she added.

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