Today’s Norwich Pub of the Week is the Mad Moose in the heart of the golden triangle district

The new bosses at a popular pub in the golden triangle have sent out a message that the boozer is now better than ever, and have decided to help bring in the customers by going back to basics and introducing a happy hour.

From Monday to Friday - from 4pm to 7pm - you get 30pc off on the drinks at the Mad Moose, which means that a pint that normally costs �3 will only set you back �2.10.

Jon Power, who has been manager at the pub since February, said the ploy was working. He said: 'We are consistently up on trade from last year and a lot of it is down to the happy hour.'

Happy hours used to be an integral part of the UK's night-time economy, but it now seems to be more a staple of French or American pubs. In fact, the only time I could afford a pint the last time I went to Paris, it was during happy hour.

Mr Power previously worked at Indulge in Norwich, and he has been in the trade for about 15 years, spending a decade in London. He also spent a lot of time in Australia so he has a chameleon-type accent.

Setting out the pub's attractions, he said: 'The Mad Moose's a beautiful old building, and a very good food pub, and we have a restaurant upstairs, called Upstairs at the Mad Moose.

'The pub changed hands earlier in the year. The new owners came in and have invested a lot and tried to smarten the whole thing up.

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'From the end of this month we are starting a new schedule of events including a monthly quiz on a Sunday, curry nights on Tuesday and steak nights on Wednesday. We are always well complimented on the food here and serve one of the best burgers in Norwich. We also have three real ales.'

Jez King, one of the pub's new owners, said: 'We are delighted with it and have invested money in it. We want to have a good relationship with the local people, and create a great environment.

'We just want people to know that we are here and the pub is better than ever.'

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