Time to lay off the dad-dancing Prince William - he was just having fun

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Thursford. Picture: Ian Burt.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Thursford. Picture: Ian Burt. - Credit: IAN BURT

I had to do a double take and then laughed out loud when I saw the recent video of Prince William dancing in Switzerland with his mates and subsequently hitting the national headlines.

And unlike the 'shock!, horror!' judgemental journalists' reports in the media with their inevitable opportunistic royal bashing and personal assassination of our young prince, I actually thought it just made him look normal for once.

Let's face it, when given the opportunity most blokes would happily take off for a long weekend with the lads, whether it be watching an away football match, a rock band, a fishing trip or for those a bit posher and more sporty, a weekend skiing trip in the Alps just like Prince William.

After all there's nothing quite like a get together with your mates without your spouse in tow to recharge the batteries, let your hair down and catch up on all the latest gossip. It creates an escape from the norm where you can laugh out loud whilst looking back through those rose-tinted glasses reminiscing about the past.

We all like to do it when we can: it's a natural part of life and likewise I love nothing better than a girly catch-up with my mates too. However grown up, proper, professional and boring we have become, all it takes is a date with a few old friends to unleash that inner child lurking cheekily within.

There's something about getting together with a group of your mates that makes you feel young and carefree again. Maybe it's because they egg you on to do daft things just for a laugh.

A group of friends can make the 'I never drink now' friend exceedly drunk, the 'early to bed' chum stay out late partying and the 'I never dance' buddy stand up and strut their stuff on the dance floor.

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Or in my case handbag dance to Gloria Gaynor's girls anthem I Will Survive, The Weather Girls' It's Raining Men and the Bee Gees classic Saturday Night Fever.

And Prince William was doing just that when he was filmed in public too - well maybe not quite handbag dancing, but he was seen 'dad dancing' though, as it was unfortunately recorded and sold to the paparazzi.

Nowadays nobody's get-togethers are safe, as smart phones have become the lethal weapon of modern society. They lurk in everyone's pocket or handbag laying patiently in wait for the most embarrassing and cringeworthy moment to occur and then it's whipped out to capture the evidence for posterity. And before you know it, the funniest photos are promptly downloaded onto social media for all to see, causing huge embarrassment and many 'lols' aka laugh-out-louds from your Facebook friends.

After the dust has settled I expect this video of Wills will come out every Christmas at the annual royal Sandringham Christmas bash and hopefully become a tradition - after all it's the funniest royal highlight of the year so far.

The popular press needs to stop being a party pooper and get a life, as times have changed. William is not the Queen or Prince Charles' generation and if he wants to boogie on down and bop til he drops so be it - the paparazzi needs to back off and stop scrutinising his every off-duty move.

Royal life will be hard enough for Prince William in the long run as he will still be working well into his 90s if the Queen is anything to go by, and therefore serving our country far longer than we will.