Time for family fun with the Richardsons

Six decades on the family were back together - proving community spirit is alive and well.

If anyone needed a reason to party – this was it. The Diamond Jubilee celebrations were a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to get together.

And the parties – both family, street, village and town –illustrated how community spirit is alive and well in 21st century Norwich and Norfolk.

So much has changed in the last six decades but the events, large and small, showed we still care about the Queen and we still care about each other.

And these pictures of members of the Richardson family, now and then, illustrate just that.

The Coronation picture was taken outside their home in 1953 when it won an award for being the best decorated house in Romany Road. We have, left to right, Dick, Elsie, Ernie, mum Maudie and Wally.

And in the other picture are Ray, nine, and Beryl, six, in the fancy dress competition.

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'I remember it as if it were yesterday,' said Beryl. 'The gems in my crown were all made out of Quality Street wrappers. The sweets were made in Norwich.'

'We had such a lovely day. I loved growing up in Romany Road. We knew everybody and called people Mr or Mrs,' added Beryl, who had five brothers and five sisters. She married Michael Cork. They had two children, Nathan and Sarah, and the Diamond Jubilee party was taken outside their home, now in Lavengro Road.

'We tried to make it look like it did 60 years ago. My mum put my crown over the front door after I had worn it so we put one up,' she said. In the picture are members of the Richardson family along with friends and neighbours.

That's Beryl, holding Alfie the dog. 'We all had a good time and it was lovely to see everybody again,' she said.