Thoughts float away in festival artwork

It is one of the most beautiful and inspiring waterside spots in Norwich. Now people's responses to it will be engraved on stunning white parasols on the river surface. ANABELLE DICKSON reports.

As part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival people are being asked to take a 'curious meander' along the River Wensum from Pulls Ferry and then tell Norwich artist Sorrel Muggridge about their experiences for her to record them.

She said: 'The idea of the art work is to invite people to take a walk along the river. I then ask them to think about what is attracting their attention, what they are struck by. They share their experience with me, or their own experiences with water or what they have experienced that day.'

She said that the responses from people who had taken part so far had varied from emotional responses to more scientific conversations.

As well as printing the words on to the bright white parasols which float on the top of the river, all of the work will be archived and Miss Muggridge will eventually publish them in a book which will be housed in a Norwich library. She is hoping to hold similar events at other waterside venues in the future. The art event started last weekend. She said: 'We have been really pleased by how open people are and how keen they are to participate.

'It is really lovely to get so many different responses from so many different walks of life. What is nice is it's a variety of voices.'

She said it had been a real mixture of tourists, people visiting from all over the country for NNF11 and local people.

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'Often it's people who used to come down here, or haven't been down for a while. Some of them have never been down. It is such a pretty walk.' She said that one man had visited who had proposed to his wife at the spot and wrote about how he hoped to bring his children to the same spot.

t Sorrel Muggridge will be at Pulls Ferry again on May 20 and 21 between 10am and 4pm.