Grass verges grown long deliberately by town council

Barnstaple Town Council has taken on the maintenance of roadside verges in the town from Devon Count

Thorpe St Andrew Town Council is running a new rewilding scheme for grass verges - Credit: Archant

Some people may have raised safety fears about overgrown grass verges due to visibility, but a town council is deliberately growing them long as part of a new project. 

Thorpe St Andrew Town Council is leaving areas uncut as part of a rewilding initiative to encourage wild flowers and wildlife. 

The council is currently undertaking a survey for residents to respond to which will continue until the end of July. 

After the survey period finishes, the findings will be considered by the council's planning and environment committee in August or September. 

Thorpe St Andrew Town Council's new home at Fitzmaurice Pavilion.

Thorpe St Andrew Town Council is asking residents about a grass verges rewilding project - Credit: Archant

County councillor John Fisher, who represents Thorpe St Andrew North West, said the council had cut verges on Friday after safety fears had been raised about the Skippon Way junction at the top of Dussindale Drive. 

This was in response to a resident questioning why the verges were so long in an area where two children had been knocked over by vehicles in the past.

Mr Fisher said: "When I was there on my bike at the weekend the verges were cut at a suitable splay so as not to be dangerous. Visibility was fine. In my opinion there are no dangers or hazards." 

Broadland district councillor, John Fisher. Photo: Broadland District Council

Councillor John Fisher - Credit: Archant

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A spokeswoman from the town council shared positive feedback from one resident on its social media page regarding the rewilding project for the verges.

The post said: "I just wanted to say that leaving some areas of the verges (and around the parks) to grow is fantastic. The long grasses and wildflowers are so much more beautiful than mown grass and I have no doubt the wildlife in the area appreciates it even more." 

Regarding the Skippon Way junction, the spokeswoman added: "In terms of the particular area/junction, we have indeed, just last week, carried out some routine maintenance of the verges there which may improve sightlines." 

Ben Price, a Green Party county councillor for Thorpe Hamlet, has said letting verges grow was a key way of protecting declining wildlife species.

The survey for residents was in the council's recent newsletter with people being encouraged to email the council with any concerns.

The town council can be contacted at