Thorpe soldier gets prestigious award - and parents are “over the moon”

The Thorpe St Andrew parents of a Norfolk soldier who has just received a prestigious medal for long service said today they were 'over the moon'.

Staff Sergeant Paul Tyler, 44, based at the 1st Regiment Army Air Corps in Germany, has been presented with the Meritorious Service Medal in recognition of his exemplary contribution over more than 20 years in the army.

His parents James and Patricia, from Phelps Road, could not attend the ceremony in Germany, but are due to visit their son, his wife Barbara and their daughter Katherine, eight, later in the year.

Mr Tyler senior, who served 12 years in the army himself before being injured in a helicopter accident, said: 'Unfortunately we are both 73 so could not make the ceremony, but Paul's daughter Katherine wants us to go over, so I can take her fishing at the garrison pond.

'We are over the moon about the award and very proud of him. Paul's brother Richard served 22 years in the service ending up a warrant officer class one, and Paul is about to be promoted to warrant officer class two.'

Paul Tyler joined the army in 1989, served in the Gulf War in 1991 and also completed tours in the Falklands, Bosnia and Iraq in 2005.

The former Framingham Earl pupil was presented with the award at a special ceremony at 1AAC's barracks in Gutersloh, northern Germany. It is not the first homour for the family: his mother was made an MBE 10 years ago.

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He said: 'When I found out I would be receiving my MSM I was shocked, and this is the pinnacle of my career. I have completed 22 years and when I leave the army I will be able to say that I have received the most prestigious award a soldier can aspire to.

'I now have two more years in the army and I hope I get the chance to deploy to Afghanistan before I leave.'

Mr Tyler is currently senior logistician at 1AAC sustaining two Lynx helicopter squadrons.

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