This week’s Norwich Pub of the Week is the Prince of Wales in Prince of Wales Road

Prince of Wales pub in Norwich. Ian Judge.Photo: Bill Smith

Prince of Wales pub in Norwich. Ian Judge.Photo: Bill Smith - Credit: Bill Smith - Archant

It takes all sorts to make the atmosphere at any pub special and the clientele at the Prince of Wales pub in Norwich's clubland are certainly a diverse bunch.

In one corner several young professionals chatted and took advantage of the cheap and cheerful atmosphere, while nearby a group of more seasoned drinkers, shall we say, enjoyed the hospitality and the banter with the friendly staff.

The Prince of Wales pub has probably not changed that much in recent times, and manager Ian Judge admits that a long anticipated makeover, which is set to cost in excess of £150,000, is overdue.

The pub will have to close for a while in March while it gets the makeover treatment, and Mr Judge hopes it will help bring in a new crowd, without losing the current regulars.

He said: 'We have got a big investment coming up in March.

'The place will be pretty much gutted with new toilets, a new bar and floors and more furniture.

'We will get new signage, though the name will stay the same, with a new colour scheme.

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'It will bring it up to date. We will have to be shut for about 10 days.

'This place does well on weekends but we are due a little comfort.

'We are in a prime position on the edge of Tombland and we want to take advantage of it.'

The pub is a meeting point in Norwich's most notorious street, which attracts thousands of clubbers each weekend from the wider area, with customers often starting or ending the night within its walls.

He added: 'We get a diverse group of people coming in here, from 18 up to 75 or whatever.

'During the day we get our regulars, as much as you can have regulars in a city centre pub.

'When we had the snow last week we still got our regulars in, so that shows how loyal they are.'

Mr Judge has been in the pub trade in Norwich for a while so he has seen the decline in the industry.

He used to run Norwegian Blue and Squares at Riverside before they closed.

Before that he worked at the Lamb Inn – which was then known as the Rat and Parrot – in the city centre.

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