This week on Mustard TV: We’d like to teach the world to sing – but maybe not Darren and Beth

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Here in the Mustard office, we've definitely noticed a vast change in the seasons. The radiators are on, the Christmas music has already started being played, and we're still constantly surprised that the daylight has disappeared by the time we leave the studio!

But, just when we were feeling cold and sorry for ourselves, along came Wednesday's show that put a smile on everyone's faces!

It's always a pleasure to have our regular experts on the sofa, and this week Ellen Mary didn't disappoint, with some fantastic ideas for helping out our garden friends during the winter period.

I'm sorry to admit that we hadn't given it a lot of thought before, but as Ellen Mary pointed out, the wildlife that live in our gardens are still in desperate need of food and shelter so we should remember to give them a helping hand where we can!

Birds need to consume more fat when the weather is colder, so they can keep warm.

Therefore, mixing seed with things such as suet is a great way to provide this, as well as providing 'fat balls' which you can hang up and are available in most garden centres or pet shops.

Ellen Mary also had a brilliant idea to make your own bird-feeders. The first was simply a toilet roll tube, covered in peanut butter, and rolled in seeds!

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The second, was a hollowed out half of an orange, filled with seeds. Both were hung up by attaching a piece of string to either side, and voilà!

Another very impressive tip was too leave a tennis ball floating in your pond, so if the water should freeze over the ball can be taken out to stop the temperature from completely dropping, and help to break up the ice rather than freeze solid and be harmful to fish and frogs.

Also on Wednesday's show, historian and author Steve Smith (pictured) joined Darren and Beth once again, as he was fresh back from his trip as a tour guide to Ypres, Belgium.

Steve has spent years researching the First World War, and Norfolk's involvement in it, and often makes these trips to try and unearth some new historical facts for details, and this occasion was no exception.

I imagine most of us have heard the tale of the Christmas Day truce, where both British and German soldiers laid down their weapons and played a game of football.

There's been some speculation over this in the last few years, but Steve said that during his trip he actually found an account from a Norfolk soldier that took part in the truce and wrote the details in his diary.

A truly amazing and inspirational story, and we were all deeply moved to imagine brave men from our county being a part of that.

To finish off the show, we were joined by showbiz royalty! Lyn Paul, of The New Seekers accompanied local legend Olly Day to the Mustard sofas to talk about their roles in this year's Cromer Pier Christmas Show.

And the lady that once sang 'I'd like to teach the world to sing' unfortunately wasn't able to teach our presenters to sing – but Beth did some admirable miming!

The pair were fantastic fun and definitely whet our appetites for a Christmas office jolly to Cromer!

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