The woolly cuties that stole the Mustard Tv show


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Are they woolly goats? Are they goaty llamas?

Jeremy Goss with Chris Goreham and Darren Eadie at the launch of his book 'Gossy' at Jarrolds on Sat

Jeremy Goss with Chris Goreham and Darren Eadie at the launch of his book 'Gossy' at Jarrolds on Saturday. Photo: Bill Smith


Just two of the insightful inquiries to come from the budding David Attenborough in Mustard's midst yesterday. Unsurprisingly the answer to both was 'No!' – the cute animals in question were in fact alpacas. But what were these woolly, goaty, llama-like cuties doing here in Norfolk, thousands of miles from their natural home in the Peruvian foothills? The reason, as seen on yesterday's Mustard Show, is a 15-year-old lad from by the name of Jacob Keen.

Jacob had long been an, ahem, keen keeper of chickens on his farm in Swanton Morley. And it was researching how best to keep the foxes away from his birds that led him to the weird and wonderful world of the alpaca.

They apparently make excellent fox guards and having bought his first alpaca in March, Jacob has quickly added more to the herd that keep his hens safe. Jacob now has 10 alpacas – including baby ones – and he tells us they are proving particularly good at keeping his lambs safe too.

Also joining Darren and Beth this week to talk through some fascinating war stories was 93-year-old RAF hero, Jack Griffiths.

If you want to know how to be the most awkward prisoner-of-war possible or find out what it takes still be flying as a nonagenarian, Jack's your man and The Mustard Show was your place to be.

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