The Rasmus are set to return to Norwich with a headline show at The Waterfront

The Rasmus. Photo: Antti Leinonen

The Rasmus. Photo: Antti Leinonen - Credit: Antti Leinonen

Finnish rock group The Rasmus, well known for their single In The Shadows, are returning to Norwich on October 18 with support from The Shiver and Overlaps.

The Rasmus, comprised of Lauri Ylönen, Pauli Rantasalmi, Eero Heinonen and Aki Hakala, are back with the brand-new single 'Holy Grail'. This was released on September 14 a week before the band embarked on their tour of Europe and South America which spans three months.

This single, their most recent track since the release of their album Dark Matter in 2017, was written by frontman Lauri Ylönen, who explains: 'I wrote this song during our long tour in Russia last spring.'

'I thought about loneliness a lot. During our concerts, I sometimes look out into the crowd and spot the people in the back, the lonely ones, out of the spotlights. Perhaps I see myself in them.'

'When we meet fans at the shows, the mysterious ones in the back are the most interesting. The shy, quiet ones. It's hard to come up with something to say when you finally get the chance to do so. This is a song for the anti-heroes.'

• Tickets to their headline show on October 18 at The Waterfront are available for £16 advance via the UEA Box Office website.