The Norwich florist expecting a very special Valentine’s Day delivery

Florists rate Valentine's Day the busiest day in the year – and that goes double for one city woman who is expecting a baby on February 14.

'Blooming' mum-to-be Eleanor Howard, owner of Chloris Flowers and Plants, is also planning an appropriate name for her little girl.

Eleanor, whose shop is in the basement at Jarrolds in Norwich's London Street, said: 'Becoming a mother for the first time is an amazing experience but it felt extra special when the midwife told us the due date.

'I'm probably the only florist in the country who'll be putting her feet up on our busiest day of the year but I've got an amazing team at Chloris so I know I'm leaving the business in safe hands.'

The team at the award-winning florist has been inundated with offers from friends to cover for her on the day, and the regular Valentine's Day delivery driver, Jeremy Howard, may also be on the labour ward as he is Eleanor's husband.

However, despite her being on maternity leave since Christmas, the other florists at Chloris are convinced they'll be seeing Mrs Howard on the big day. Fellow florist Abbi Saunders said: 'Eleanor's a workaholic and is always there to support us. Unless she's in labour, we know she'll pop in to help us out, although with the limited space in Jarrolds and with the shop bursting with flowers we'll probably send her out on deliveries as her bump will get in the way.

'If this is the case customers could receive a double delivery on their doorstep come Valentine's Day.'

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Mrs Howard has already announced that she's having a baby girl so regular customers have been suggesting names if she arrives on the big day. The team has promised to update its website at to let all the regulars know the name decided on. Lily, Poppy, Daisy have all been suggested but the overwhelming favourite is, of course, Rose.

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