Landlord's heartbreak as he is told pub must close for Euro 2020 final

Phil Cutter decorates the Murderers as he prepares for the England against Ukraine football match in

Phil Cutter preparing The Murderers for the England Euro 2020 games before positive Covid tests forced him to close - Credit: Denise Bradley

A Norwich landlord says he feels "very disappointed" after learning his pub will have to remain closed for England's Euro 2020 final on Sunday due to positive Covid cases. 

The Murderers, on Timberhill, was forced to shut its doors ahead of the Denmark semi-final after two members of staff tested positive.

After ensuring all other staff had taken lateral flow tests, Mr Cutter was hoping the pub could get the green light to reopen for the weekend, and England's final against Italy on Sunday evening. 

But Public Health England informed Mr Cutter on Thursday afternoon that the pub will have to remain closed for the next 10 days.

The Murderers Pub, in Norwich, has made the decision to close after two staff tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Murderers Pub, in Norwich, has made the decision to close after two staff tested positive for the coronavirus. - Credit: Phil Cutter

Mr Cutter said: "It is not really a surprise but obviously I am very disappointed as we would have liked to open for the final. 

"This is the responsible thing to do. Cases are growing exponentially anyway so this is common sense.

"We had to contact loads of people to say their table is not safe anymore which was not a major issue. It was just frustrating to think we have potentially lost out on a lot of money but I think we have made the right call for public safety. 

"Public safety is more important than any amount of money we make."

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The landlord said most of his staff had informed him they had tested negative for coronavirus by Thursday morning, so he was confident there would be sufficient staff to manage the weekend before PHE's response.

Mr Cutter said: "I was told by Norfolk County Council that what we were doing with social distancing and Test and Trace were in their words exemplary. The pub is safe and it's not a problem but we have been sitting on our hands until we heard back from Public Health England."

The two staff members tested positive for the virus on Tuesday, July 6 as it was preparing for one of its busiest nights.

Mr Cutter said Saturday would have been a good trading day, while Sunday would have been "exceptionally good" if the pub was open.